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Chris Benjamin is a freelance writer based in Halifax. He has written fiction and features for VoicePrint Canada, Rattling Books, This Magazine, the Toronto Star, Z Magazine and others.

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    Incubating ideas

    Fernwood has given hundreds of visionaries a voice they’d otherwise lack, taking financial risks many publishers avoid.

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    Retooling schooling

    Quest for Community, a new program of the public school system in the West Kootenay region of British Columbia’s Southern Interior, aims to sow the seeds of community in the most fertile soil there is – the minds of youth.

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    The myth of the wealthy environmentalist

    Conventional wisdom tells us that because Finland is wealthy, its citizens have the necessary resources to take action on environmental issues – that prosperity and a healthier environment go hand in hand. Unfortunately, the world doesn’t work this way.

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    The detestable solution

    Under colonial rule, Ghana’s multiple traditional systems of justice were replaced by a single, expensive, incarceration-based penal system. Now, 52 years independent and among the poorest 15 per cent of nations, Ghana is at the mercy of foreign countries for financial support in maintaining its overcrowded prisons, retraining prison staff and educating prisoners in an effort to upgrade a system of punishment that is falling into disfavour in the wealthier nations from which it originates.