Briar Index


Estimated total donations, 1973-2013: $1.039 million

Number of Facebook fans in Pakistan: 85

Number of years we’ve automatically renewed Noam Chomsky’s subscription to continue counting him among our subscribers: 7

Number of new Regina residents attributed to Briarpatch staff recruitment efforts: 6

Number of former editors who ended up in Mexico: 1.5

Times we’ve been sued: 2

Times we’ve been threatened with being sued: 21

Total federal grants received by Briarpatch between 2010 and 2012 to help publications “overcome market disadvantages”: $26,047

Total federal grants received by Glacier BIG Holdings Company Ltd. (publisher of Canadian Plastics, Oilweek, and the Canadian Mining Journal, among others) in the same period: $893,202

Number of issues published by our short-lived sister publication, The Sasquatch: 8

Estimated number of people who phoned The Sasquatch looking for an actual sasquatch: 5

Year that Briarpatch got its first computer: 1985

Number of times proofreader Kim Kovacs has saved our ass: ∞

Year in which she stopped us from inadvertently referring to Rick Hillier as the “pubic face of Canada’s military”: 2010

Year in which Briarpatch incorporated the Oxford comma into our style guide: 2012

Number of days required to conclude this debate among staff: 11

Cost of a subscription in 1973: $2

Number of pages in the first issue and the 40th anniversary issue, respectively: 4, 44

Number of issues cancelled for lack of funds in 40 years: 2

Number of times the magazine has been evicted: 1

Years since staff joined the Retail Wholesale & Department Store Union (RWDSU): 37

Percentage of subscribers who learned about Briarpatch through word of mouth: 23.5

Percentage of subscribers who can’t remember how they first heard about Briarpatch because it’s been too long: 26

Percentage of subscribers who never throw out their Briarpatch copies: 52

Estimated number of Briarpatch copies rotting in people’s basements, attics, and bathroom magazine racks: 62,400

Percentage of subscribers who have shaken their fists in silent fury after reading Briarpatch, according to our 2007 reader survey: 47

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