• A watercolour illustration. A path winds towards mountains in the distance. In the foreground, the path is surrounded by clocks, plants, and books.

    The climate case for working less

    The argument for a reduced work week asks: why do we work to produce so much more than we can possibly use? Why not work less, waste less, distribute better, and enjoy the age of abundance that we’ve been promised?

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    Working With Your Hands

    The only way to survive is to make a living wage and I can’t do that unless I sell my hands, my back, and my brain as a skilled labourer.

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    The Precariat’s Parental Leave

    Between nursing, nurturing, and sleep deprivation, how does a freelancer making a stable living while parenting?

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    Queer Dysphoria at Work

    A diversity statement doesn’t cut it.

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    A Woman Construction Worker on the Slab

    What’s it like to be the only woman worker on a construction site?

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    Reflecting on injury and stolen wages at work

    Non-union construction work involves calculations no one should have to make.