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    “That’s how we protect one another”

    Mi’kmaq water protectors and Nova Scotian settlers worked together to stop the Alton Gas project. Their success shows the power of Indigenous-settler solidarity in the fight to defend land and water.

  • Sask Dispatch

    Protecting the peatlands

    A new proposal would mine peat from northern Saskatchewan muskegs for 80 years. Locals say it would be both devastating to the environment and a violation of Treaty Rights.

  • Decolonizing Relations on Treaty 4 territory

    Indigenous people, immigrants, and settlers in Regina’s Decolonizing Relations group discuss land, labour, and solidarity.

  • Magazine

    Whose land is it, anyways?

    An interview with Ginnifer Menominee on treaty holders, ceremonial jurisdiction, and Land Back in Guelph.

  • Magazine

    100 years of land struggle

    A timeline of Land Back events from the past century

  • Magazine

    What is Land Back? A Settler FAQ

    Settlers have a lot of questions about Land Back: What does it mean? Who will the land be given back to? How will it be governed? Will settlers be forced to leave the continent? Brooks Arcand-Paul and Nickita Longman help clear up some of the frequently asked questions about the Land Back movement.

  • Magazine

    Land and Reconciliation

    Philip Brass of Peepeekisis First Nation explains the impact of Saskatchewan Party’s decision to auction off Crown land.

  • Magazine

    The Truth About Treaties

    Hundreds of documents accessed through an Access to Information request show the Canadian government’s internal position on historic treaties. Negotiations in bad faith: confirmed.

  • Magazine

    Modern Treaty Politics in the Yukon

    How does the state deploy politics of recognition to maintain control of Indigenous peoples and their land?

  • Magazine

    Deep Cuts

    What’s at stake in Sylvia McAdam Saysewahum’s fight against the clearcutting of her land?

  • Magazine

    A short introduction to the Two Row Wampum

    The return to a 400-year-old treaty relationship.