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    The growing struggle to access gender-affirming health care in rural Canada

    Demand for gender-affirming health care is surging across the country. Already facing the brunt of a primary health care crisis, small provinces and territories struggle to meet the need.

  • Sask Dispatch

    Mapping the connections between anti-queer, anti-trans speakers at Regina’s conversion therapy ban council meeting

    On April 28, Regina city council reviewed a city administration report proposing a ban on conversion therapy – and inadvertently gave a platform to an international network of organized anti-queer, anti-trans activists.

  • A photography of a crowd from above, listening to someone speak through a megaphone. One member of the crowd holds a sign that says

    There’s no such thing as a politically neutral public space

    The #TakeBackTPL struggle to evict transphobia from our public library wasn’t about “free speech” – it was about reclaiming the commons

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    It’s not that hard to be trans-inclusive

    When Regina dance studio FadaDance’s FadaMan class was critiqued for excluding trans masculine people, FadaDance could have doubled down on defending a space for cis-men. Instead, they listened and changed it.

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    Human rites

    Mainstream media is obsessed with figuring out who is really trans, forcing trans folks to prove their validity to cis people. The work of Briarpatch is to refocus the lens on trans issues that demand radical solidarity and action.

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    Ts just wanna have fun

    Trans activists in Montreal have been organizing to make the YMCAs of Québec more inclusive of gender-diverse people

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    The dangerous illusion of the humane prison

    The right of trans prisoners in Canada to self-identify their gender is an important win. How can it be used to fuel – and not drain – our efforts towards a future without prisons?

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    Decolonizing the Toilet

    At the University of Cape Town in South Africa, the student-led Fallist movement is seeking institutional transformation that would uproot the deeply embedded ideological traces of apartheid and colonialism.

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    Body Non-Compliance

    The treatment Evelyn Deshane received for an eating disorder conflated body dismorphic disorder and gender dysphoria. In this autoethnographic essay, Evelyn explains how the diagnostic language of distrust and blame coursed through treatment and stifled crucial conversations about gender.