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    notes of joy from the margins

    What does it mean to pass or not to pass as a trans person? I am, I am, I am. 

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    Demanding reproductive justice for trans women

    If we could reimagine our world in order to put trans women’s well-being at its centre, maybe we could make the system more equitable and safe for all parents and children. 

  • Sask Dispatch

    Open letter to Mayor Masters and the Regina Community Wellness Committee

    A meeting to discuss a conversion therapy ban in Regina devolved into anti-trans rhetoric on April 14, with delegates misgendering trans youth and associating gender-affirming treatments with self-harm. Cat Haines, a transgender woman, educator, and academic writes an open letter in response

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    Human rites

    Mainstream media is obsessed with figuring out who is really trans, forcing trans folks to prove their validity to cis people. The work of Briarpatch is to refocus the lens on trans issues that demand radical solidarity and action.

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    Taking your transition into your own hands

    When doctors deny trans people the right hormones or surgery, trans people will find creative ways to transition on their own terms. Winner of the 2018 Andrea Walker Prize for writing on women’s and trans people’s health.