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    Beaver Lake Cree stand strong as Canada and Alberta attempt to derail tarsands legal challenge

    In appealing a court order to pay two-thirds of the cost of the legal challenge, Canada and Alberta went as far as to argue that, because they were recently able to repair the community water truck, Beaver Lake Cree are able to afford a multi-million dollar trial.

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    Tarsands vs. treaty

    The Beaver Lake Cree Nation is taking on the tarsands, arguing that they represent too much industrial development in the face of constitutionally protected treaty rights.

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    Mobilizing for a Transition

    An interview with Lliam Hildebrand of Iron & Earth.

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    On the Front Lines of the Great Lakes

    The Great Lakes region is the most important hub for tarsands projects outside of Alberta. Climate activists are working to connect local resistance in front-line communities with the broader movement to halt tarsands expansion.

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    Tarsands divestment and its discontents

    Leading activists discuss the strengths and possible pitfalls of a burgeoning campus movement to have universities divest from the fossil fuel economy. Can the campaign succeed?