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    Divestment and beyond

    Lessons for the climate justice movement from the University of Toronto fossil fuel divestment campaign.

  • The great Saskatchewan tuition crisis

    Tuition rates have grown by leaps and bounds – and so has student debt. How do we reverse the trend?

  • A nervous-looking speaker in a suit stands at a podium, framed by a reporter's notebook. Around him, angry workers hold protest signs.

    Bringing back the beat

    In mainstream media, labour journalism has been replaced by financial reporting and business sections. But journalism students are raising the labour beat from the grave.

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    Not just a pretty Instagram profile

    In April, nearly 200,000 high-school and middle-school students across Ontario participated in the largest student walkout in Canadian history in protest of Doug Ford’s cuts to education. Reporters and older activists alike are asking: how did high schoolers pull it off?

  • Sask Dispatch Briefs

    Student strike!

    On March 15, Regina students gathered in front of the Saskatchewan legislature building as part of a global youth action to push for concrete measures to be taken to address climate change.

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    Quebec interns want wages, and they want them now

    The student strike is alive and well in Quebec. This week, tens of thousands of Quebec students will walk out of their classes, demanding wages for all interns.

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    Reinventing universities from below: A conversation with Alan Sears

    Universities are not designed to meet student needs and that must change.

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    The Canadian Cult of the Entrepreneur

    Entrepreneurship holds no answers for the problems faced by young people today.