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    This is a prison, no matter what you call it

    Activists are determined to halt the construction of a new migrant detention centre in Laval.

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    Qu’est-ce que la décroissance?

    Pour les partisans de la décroissance, il est urgent que nos sociétés rompent avec la course à la croissance économique avant que les limites biophysiques de notre planète ne nous imposent une décroissance forcée et brutale. Aujourd’hui, le mouvement fleurit au Québec.

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    The degrowth movement calls for a radical downscaling of production and consumption, in order to save us from climate catastrophe. Today, the movement is blooming in Quebec.

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    Quebec interns want wages, and they want them now

    The student strike is alive and well in Quebec. This week, tens of thousands of Quebec students will walk out of their classes, demanding wages for all interns.

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    Quebec’s Movement for Economic and Environmental Justice

    Quebec’s social movements are working to wed anti-austerity politics with climate justice.