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    Regina Municipal Election 2020: Sustainable transit

    In 2018, Regina city council committed to a 100 per cent renewable city by 2050. Free transit, electric buses, and bike lanes will be a huge component of a renewable city – so why is council so hesitant to implement them?

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    Regina Municipal Election 2020: Public transit

    People who live in Regina know it’s nearly impossible to get around town using only public transit. It’s a huge barrier to access for disabled people, youth, seniors, newcomers, and low-income earners. What should we consider when beefing up public transit?

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    “My quality of life has been compromised”: U of S study finds STC closure has had a devastating impact on Saskatchewan people

    A new study from the University of Saskatchewan has found that the 2017 closure of STC has had wide-ranging impacts on everything from social connections to the functioning of the healthcare system itself.

  • Three people duck under or jump over subway turnstiles. Their faces are blacked out.

    Free transit is just the beginning

    It’s no coincidence that struggles over public transit are erupting across the Americas. Free transit is about an end to austerity, a refusal of police power, and a demand for decommodified and universal public services.

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    The Cost-Benefit Analysis of Getting Around Town

    It takes a lot of forethought, time, and energy to plan a life without a vehicle.

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    The End of the Line

    The government ditched the STC without lining up alternatives, counting on private companies to step up. This isn’t how it went for other Crown sales.