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    a simile is more honest than a metaphor thank you no questions at this time

    suffering isn’t bravery those two things are different let someone / say it. to absorb an injustice because you need to to survive’s / not courage don’t let them say that.

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    Deeper than oceans, channels twice removed / from their native basins. This blood is thicker / than the St. Lawrence, quicker / than the Demerara, sicker / than the Ganges.

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    Art against colonialism

    An interview with the judges of Briarpatch’s 10th annual Writing In The Margins contest: Larissa Lai, Pat Kane, and Sonnet L’Abbé.

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    “if word of such devices spreads, / and more than word, / it may not be just capital that overcomes / the hardened borders of the future capital’s / intent that most of us won’t see.” Poetry runner-up of the Writing in the Margins contest.

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    “you bear their names like heavy robes. say it. / bind your waist in white ribbon. history’s seams / are tearing. you learned violence as the sweetest love / but you learned from the wrong people.“ Poetry winner of the Writing in the Margins contest.

  • Sask Dispatch Briefs

    A letter to the editor (albeit in rhyme)

    One hundred and thirty-one days is a very long time – the members are for you every step of the way. We believe in the Co-op, and what you say: with equal work comes equal pay.

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    In this world, a world where many worlds coexist, there would be no forced migration, no mass extinction.

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    “To create other worlds inside this one”

    An interview with Writing in the Margins judges Gwen Benaway, Alicia Elliott, and Jalani Morgan

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    Process of depression

    In 2016, Nicholas Dinardo was arrested and sent to remand at the Regina Correctional Centre. After remaining in segregation for most of the last year, he wrote this poem.

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    Geography Lessons

    “She points, / here’s Canada, here’s home, caught in a ganglion / of lakes. Our cupped hands cradle continents in turn.” Poetry winner of the 2017 Writing in the Margins contest

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    Best hometown entry of the 2017 Writing in the Margins contest!

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    Black Canadian History in Schools

    The honourable mention (poetry) of our seventh annual writing contest

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    Writing For These Times

    An exclusive interview with this year’s Writing in the Margins contest judges, Janet Rogers and Fathima Cader.

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    No Line In Time

    Poetry winner of the 2016 Writing in the Margins contest.

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    Writing Across Borders

    Briarpatch editor Tanya Andrusieczko caught up with our sixth annual writing contest judges to talk history, habits, politics, and writing.

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    Free Trade Agreement

    “Free Trade Agreement” is the runner-up for best poem in the 2015 Writing in the Margins contest.

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    Energy Series: Surface Mining

    Winner of the 2016 Writing in the Margins contest for poetry.

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    Coyote Mothers of the Niagara Region

    Winner of our fourth annual creative writing contest in the poetry category.

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    Salmon Glacier

    Creative writing contest judge John K. Samson’s choice for runner up in the poetry category.

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    A Skin for a Skin

    Winner for best local entry in our fourth annual creative writing contest.