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    New look, same politics

    Our new print design, Meta’s tax tantrum, and more.

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    COVID capitalism

    Tithi Bhattacharya, Nora Loreto, and Naomi Klein on the impact of COVID-19 neoliberalism and working through pandemic-era isolation to build a better world.

  • The cover of the March/April 2023 issue of Briarpatch magazine is on a maroon background. The cover features the WiFi connectivity symbol in the center of a blue circle. The semicircular bars of the WiFi symbol are an aerial view of cul-de-sacs from above with the last 'bar' of houses fading out. Below the cul-de-sacs/bars are the symbols of an anonymous video conferencing participant with a red muted microphone.

    A principle and a place

    While the state abandons people it deems disposable, many of the articles in this issue highlight and strategize how to better organize and include people in the margins in our movements.

  • A prisoner at Guelph Correctional Centre flexes his bicep. He is prying apart jaws of steer skulls at work for Better Beef Ltd., a private company operating on prison grounds. He is inside the factory and wearing an apron and a hairnet.

    The case for a prisoners’ union

    Organizing prisoner workers is the first step toward abolishing prisons.

  • A digital illustration of two farm workers at work. The farm workers are in the center of the illustration, and both are wearing black rubber books, marine blue pants, and plaid sweaters. They are fist-bumping while holding a crate overflowing with vegetables. Pumpkins, corn, swiss chard, and other vegetables surround them. Plant roots are visible below them.

    Building farm worker power

    Across Canada, farm workers are facing hotter summers and extreme weather, while being denied basic labour protections like a minimum wage. The farm workers organizing within the National Farmers Union want to change agriculture’s unsustainable conditions.

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    A reading list for building transformative movements in so-called Canada

    Designing and building cohesive, disciplined, and transformative mass movements isn’t easy. This reading list is an offering to anyone committed to that effort.

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    Talking consent

    An interview with Chantelle Spicer and Tashia Kootenayoo on rooting our movements in consent.

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    Organizing against education’s jailers

    Police-free schools means kicking cops out, keeping them out, and much more.

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    Resting toward liberated futures

    We must use as many tools as possible to fight against oppression, including – or maybe especially – rest.

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    Rumour has it

    Anti-gossip policies, like other ostensibly good policies, are wielded by management to keep workers from building solidarity and transforming their workplaces.

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    Against a culture of paid activism

    As the logic of capitalism infiltrates our social movements, we must choose between being paid for our activism and building a strong culture of social struggle.

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    « C’est un régime de terreur. »

    Pour mobiliser les travailleuses et travailleurs migrant∙e∙s en région rurale, il faut d’abord les trouver. La seconde étape est de réussir à desserrer l’emprise de surveillance et de peur qu’exerce leurs patrons.

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    “It’s a regime of terror”

    The first step in organizing rural migrant workers is finding them. The second step is breaking through their bosses’ iron grip of surveillance and fear.

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    A union for sex workers

    Canada’s sole sex worker’s union wants to organize the industry coast to coast. But with members spread out in different cities, and working for online services like OnlyFans, how much support can a union provide?

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    Facing loss honestly

    Defeat happens all the time in leftist campaigns, but very few leftists (including leftist media) have developed honest, helpful ways of talking about it.

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    How do we build a transformative mass movement against pandemic-era injustice?

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    a simile is more honest than a metaphor thank you no questions at this time

    suffering isn’t bravery those two things are different let someone / say it. to absorb an injustice because you need to to survive’s / not courage don’t let them say that.

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    Stitching together a movement

    At its best, Briarpatch stitches together the fragments of a progressive community across so-called Canada, quilting a powerful movement for collective liberation.

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    Exorcise Amazon

    Amazon has made a name for itself in pioneering new strategies for worker exploitation. The best way to fight back is to build worker power from below.

  • Sask Dispatch

    Why you should (and shouldn’t) be invested in Regina’s municipal election

    From police brutality to accessibility to climate change – change starts at the local level. That’s why the Sask Dispatch put together a package of articles weighing in on the municipal election. So what’s at stake on November 9?