• A photo of downtown Ottawa. Against a background of skyscrapers, huge trucks are parked, facing the camera. A multitude of signs lean up against them, with slogans like

    The oil industry’s Frankenstein

    How Canada’s oil industry birthed the Freedom Convoy and a far-right movement

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    Beaver Lake Cree stand strong as Canada and Alberta attempt to derail tarsands legal challenge

    In appealing a court order to pay two-thirds of the cost of the legal challenge, Canada and Alberta went as far as to argue that, because they were recently able to repair the community water truck, Beaver Lake Cree are able to afford a multi-million dollar trial.

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    Organizing through loss in the heart of oil country

    The story of climate justice organizing in Alberta, at the heart of the tarsands, is the story of a group of young activists learning what it means to lose, and keep on fighting

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    The Indigenous nation exposing the lie of Canada’s “world class” oil spill response

    A 2016 diesel spill exposed holes in Canada’s touted “world class” oil spill response regime. At a sentencing hearing today, Canada gave the company a slap on the wrist; but the Heiltsuk nation is fighting for real justice.

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    University of Regina refuses to name funders of fossil fuel research

    Professor Emily Eaton is taking the University of Regina to court to force the University to release details of funding for research related to oil, gas, coal, petroleum, carbon capture, climate change, and alternative energy.

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    Bodies on the Line

    Enbridge’s Line 3 pipeline replacement slices through the southern half of Saskatchewan, but there’s little Indigenous opposition in the province. To mount our own fight, we’ll have to learn from other Indigenous resistance efforts along the pipeline’s route.

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    Decarbonized, democratized, decolonized

    The NDP’s climate plan is too little, too late. Saskatchewan’s Just Transitions Summit brought people together to envision a more radical grassroots strategy.

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    Checking in with the oil crowd

    The conference guidebook for the 50th annual Global Petroleum Show tells me we’re here “CELEBRATING THE FUTURE OF ENERGY.” Excuse my skepticism.

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    Will Sask NDP support oil industry or Indigenous land rights?

    Indigenous peoples and activists are expected to “wait and see” after Meili hires longtime oil industry manager as Chief of Staff.

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    A pipeline to regret

    If you weren’t convinced before – simply by being an air-breathing, water-drinking human being – it’s now undeniable that we all have skin in this pipeline game. Trudeau has made us all potential shareholders in a leaky, aging piece of climate-cooking infrastructure.

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    Socializing and decolonizing Saskatchewan’s oil

    Could a new crown corporation – SaskOil – allow us to wind down the industry, get off oil, keep people employed, and repatriate land, resources, and decision-making to Indigenous peoples?

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    Oil’s Deep State

    The fossil fuel industry has the Canadian government by the throat – but it’s been a long time coming. Joseph Laforest reviews Oil’s Deep State, by Kevin Taft.

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    The Fishy Atlantic Fossil Fix

    Nature tourism won’t save Newfoundland and Labrador’s fishing industry from oil’s hegemony.

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    Troubling portrait of an oil province

    Review of new film Crude Power: Oil, Money & Influence in Saskatchewan

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    Oil’s Violent Disturbances

    Fort Chip is but one northern Albertan community resisting the toxicity and displacement wrought by the oil industry.