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    Can the NDP help millennials?

    NDP MP Niki Ashton has wrapped up her national tour on the problem of precarious work facing millennials in Canada. Should we hold out hope for an NDP-led solution to working class precarity among young people?

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    Lessons from Clare

    A principled life on the political left.

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    A note to Alberta’s grassroots about NDP governments

    Alberta’s grassroots must carve out critical distance from the NDP.

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    Election Day in Alberta – and Beyond

    Electoral politics and grassroots movement building are often at odds; significant change in Alberta will hinge on independent organizing.

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    What is to be done about the Ontario NDP?

    Evaluating the provincial election and what’s next for Ontario’s left.

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    Thomas Mulcair should drop acid

    I know it sounds desperate, but a hallucination or two might open up his mind a bit. Perhaps he’ll realize that he who plays good cop forges his own hand cuffs.