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    Death by a thousand cuts: Aging in Canadian prisons

    Elderly prisoners need health care, not incarceration.

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    The slow crisis in Saskatchewan’s long-term care

    Though 80 per cent of Canada’s COVID deaths have happened in long-term care homes, Saskatchewan has fared better than the Canadian average. It was thanks, in part, to its relatively robust system of publicly owned homes. But in recent decades, cracks have begun showing in that system.

  • A community response to COVID-19

    As lockdown eases, a group providing assistance to Elders and seniors during COVID-19 is rethinking what community support looks like during the long arc of the pandemic.

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    “I have the inalienable right to protect this land”

    An interview with Elder Jo-Ann Saddleback about Land Back, matriarchy, democracy, and decolonization.