Halena Seiferling is from Regina and recently completed a Masters of Public Policy degree in Vancouver. She has been active in human rights, electoral reform, climate justice, and Palestinian solidarity organizing.

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    Not in my backyard or anyone else’s

    Defending reproductive rights everywhere in the age of Trump.

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    Who Are We Marching For?

    Lessons from Vancouver’s Women’s March on Washington.

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    Can the NDP help millennials?

    NDP MP Niki Ashton has wrapped up her national tour on the problem of precarious work facing millennials in Canada. Should we hold out hope for an NDP-led solution to working class precarity among young people?

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    Mobilizing for a Transition

    An interview with Lliam Hildebrand of Iron & Earth.

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    “The more they oppress, the less safe they feel”

    Bridging Palestine solidarity work with Indigenous struggles in Canada.