Jon Milton is a student, journalist, and union member based in Montreal. His writing and video work has appeared in the Montreal Gazette, rabble, the Media Co-op, and the Link, where he has also worked in the positions of opinions and managing editor. He is a member of S’ATTAQ, the Montreal IWW’s freelancers' union.

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    COVID-19 is raging through Quebec prisons

    Prisoners are locked in their cells 24 hours a day, with no running water and guards who refuse to wear PPE. Some are comparing federal prisons, where populations are older, to long-term care homes, the site of the province’s most severe outbreaks.

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    IWW members are transforming Montreal’s community sector

    Since a team of workers took over the STTIC’s executive board a year ago, they’ve been making the union more democratic and militant, following the model of the Industrial Workers of the World.

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    Oshawa could be the engine of a Green New Deal in Canada

    Workers want to nationalize the General Motors plant and build electric vehicles for Canada Post

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    This is a prison, no matter what you call it

    Activists are determined to halt the construction of a new migrant detention centre in Laval.