Maya Menezes is an anti-racism, economic justice, and climate campaigner based in Tkaronto. She was the last program director at the climate justice organization The Leap, working on global Green New Deal policy. She is currently a senior forest campaigner at Stand.earth.

  • A plume of smoke billows out of the coal fired Keephills Power Station in Wabamun, Alberta at sunset.

    Will the real climate platform please stand up?

    We need a climate plan that defunds and dismantles the systems of pollution, inequality, and oppression that underpin our death march towards climate catastrophe, and instead redirects resources to solutions pathways.

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    Migrant workers are the present and future of low-carbon care work

    Migrant workers are keeping us alive through catastrophes like COVID-19, but they face an impossibly complex, punitive, and high-stakes immigration system. It’s time to completely overhaul the way we value those who do the most vital, life-giving work.