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Ryan Meili is a politically active physician (and physically active politician). He has worked in rural Mozambique, inner-city Saskatoon and in communities throughout rural Saskatchewan. In 2009 he finished a close second in the race to replace Lorne Calvert as leader of the Saskatchean New Democratic Party.

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    In sickness and in wealth

    In Canada and around the world, the health of the poorest people is far worse than the health of the richest – and new evidence suggests we all suffer as a result. In order to address the fundamental unfairness of this situation, we need to completely rethink not just how we do health care, but how we do politics.

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    Full steam ahead

    Station 20 West is not just a model of an innovative community-based response to endemic poverty and the ill health that results from that poverty; it’s also an example of a community rallying around a good idea and bringing it to fruition, overcoming significant challenges in the process. Thanks to the overwhelming support of the community, the project is now back on track after nearly being derailed by the provincial government.