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Aleksandra McHugh works as some sort of social palliative, or so said one of the targets of her support. She also writes things, like this. Her academic experience includes a master’s degree in criminology from Simon Fraser University and studies in human and social development at the University of Victoria.

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    The neoliberal education mash-up

    What do open plan schools, standardized testing, and public-private partnerships have in common?

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    The teacher trap

    While teaching duties undoubtedly exceed those of child care, how can teachers defend themselves without participating in the downgrading of “caring professions” more broadly?

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    Discipline and punish

    The dream of a benevolent welfare state may live on in social work theory, conference papers and mission statements, but as far as front-line bureaucracy goes, welfare is dead. Only its image remains, as faint as chalk on a sidewalk. No longer even pretending to be a right or social safety net, social assistance has mutated into a series of manipulative tactics to prod and intimidate its clients into jobs that no one wants. In other words, welfare has become workfare.