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Aric McBay is an author, activist, and organic farmer. He lives near Kingston, Ontario, the prison capital of Canada. He’s active in prison justice campaigns, as well as other social and ecological justice issues.

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    “We can only glimpse our future reflected in our past”

    Generations from today, a group of young activists sends a letter to a historian of the 21st century, hoping that she will be able to settle an argument about tactics. Her letter gives us a glimpse of what life is like in the 22nd century – after a just transition.

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    Lumpen: The Autobiography of Ed Mead

    Lumpen is the raw autobiography of revolutionary George Jackson Brigade member, Ed Mead.

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    Learning from success

    Being an activist has a way of teaching you how to lose gracefully. Or, at least, how to lose. In my activist career I’ve worked in many different campaigns on a diverse array of issues, but virtually every single campaign I’ve been involved in has been a losing battle, with the particular problems we were fighting against becoming measurably worse despite our efforts. There has been one exception: the movement to build local, ecologically sound food systems.

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    The herbivore’s dilemma

    The Vegetarian Myth argues that strict vegetarianism is not the best diet for our health, for animals or for the planet. The stance is controversial in environmental and animal rights circles, but the subject matter is thoroughly explored, exhaustively researched and very persuasive. Keith is adamantly opposed to fast food and factory farming, but believes that strict vegetarianism isn’t the answer either, arguing instead for a sustainable food system based on mixed farming and a diet that includes moderate amounts of animal products.