Vicky Levack is a Halifax-based disability and housing activist and spokesperson for the Disability Rights Coalition. She is currently institutionalized in a long-term care facility. In 2021, after years of advocacy, Levack won the right to live independently and receive at-home care from a support worker. Her release is pending.

  • Digital illustration of a hospital room with the focus on a pornographic scene playing on a wall-mounted television, from the perspective of a viewer next to the hospital bed. Also shown is the lower half of a person's body covered in blankets on the bed, a window with lowered curtain, a closed door, and a vital signs monitor.

    Fighting for the right to fuck

    For more than a century, eugenicists have tried to eliminate disabled people through sexual sterilization. Today, disabled people’s sex lives are still surveilled, suppressed, and punished in institutions.