Edward Hon-Sing Wong is a doctoral candidate at York University’s social work PhD program, and the co-chair of Chinese Canadian National Council Toronto Chapter.

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    Levelling the playing field

    Canadian Premier League soccer players are being paid poverty wages by billionaire team owners. Now, a new union is helping players fight for dignity and respect.

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    Mental health professionals are not the solution to racist police violence

    While mental health interventions have been touted as an alternative to policing, the mental health field has a long history of perpetrating racist and colonial violence.

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    Collective action is essential

    From socially-distanced protests to virtual union drives, five vital signs of worker organizing during COVID-19

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    When a disease is racialized

    The coronavirus outbreak has sparked a rise in anti-Chinese racism. What are the historical roots of this response, and how might we confront it in Canada?

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    Organizing the suburbs

    Why Chinese suburbanites in Toronto’s commuter belt voted for Doug Ford – and why the left has been losing its foothold in racialized working-class communities