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Emily Eaton is an associate professor of geography at the University of Regina specializing in political economy and ecology.

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    Socializing and decolonizing Saskatchewan’s oil

    Could a new crown corporation – SaskOil – allow us to wind down the industry, get off oil, keep people employed, and repatriate land, resources, and decision-making to Indigenous peoples?

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    Inside Saskatchewan’s Oil Economy

    How are workers in the oil and gas industry affected by Saskaboom’s bust?

  • Magazine

    Freedom Is a Constant Struggle: Ferguson, Palestine, and the Foundations of a Movement

    Davis calls for this generation to fight for full substantive freedoms, so that future generations will not be left addressing the same issues.

  • Blog

    The Husky Oil Spill: Just One of 18,000

    Understanding the pipeline spill that has sparked a water crisis in communities along the North Saskatchewan River.

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    What is the creative class?

    The “creative class” is a concept developed by Richard Florida that proposes a new way of understanding the engines driving wealth creation. Florida charts a shift in North America away from manufacturing economies focused on mass production to “post-industrial” economies where the new drivers of economic development are creative professionals, specifically a “super-creative core” (including artists and designers) and “creative professionals” (including managers and lawyers).