• Who Are We Marching For?

    Lessons from Vancouver’s Women’s March on Washington.

  • Toward a World of Many Worlds: The Women’s March in Saskatoon

    In the future, we may be able to point to the Women’s March on Washington in Saskatoon as the critical moment when all our scattered struggles came together as we realized how capitalism, colonialism, patriarchy, imperialism, and heterosexism are interconnected.

  • Winterizing is Political

    As winter descends, #NoDAPL water and land protectors are preparing for a long haul resistance against the violence of the military, police, and capital.

  • Can the NDP help millennials?

    NDP MP Niki Ashton has wrapped up her national tour on the problem of precarious work facing millennials in Canada. Should we hold out hope for an NDP-led solution to working class precarity among young people?

  • Chasing the National Energy Board out of Montreal

    An interview with activist Alyssa Symons-Belanger after her release from arrest.

  • The Husky Oil Spill: Just One of 18,000

    Understanding the pipeline spill that has sparked a water crisis in communities along the North Saskatchewan River.

  • Onward and Upward!

    A triumphant update – and a call to sustain!

  • The Stories We Tell

    How can the act of storytelling build social movements?

  • An Update on Fundraising

    We’re almost there!

  • We’re in trouble.

    Briarpatch is in an urgent financial crunch.