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    Inflation, bargaining, and worker power

    Workers are fed up with measly wages that don’t pay the rent while their bosses’ profit margins soar.

  • A photo of people marching on a road in Brampton. Two people in the front are carrying a large banner that says

    “With our own hands”

    Workers and international students in Brampton are fighting back against wage theft, naming and shaming employers to recover over $250,000 in stolen wages. 12 workers share the lessons they’ve learned in the fight.

  • A digital illustration. On the left half of the illustration is a desk and folding chair surrounded by beige crates. On the right half of the illustration is a path with sunflowers and a blue sky. The person, who has brown skin and is wearing a red leather jacket, is walking through a revolving door that separates the two halves, exiting into the right half.

    Exiting the revolving door

    Sheltered workshops for disabled people allow employers to evade labour standards and pay workers below minimum wage, all under the guise of never-ending “training programs.”

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    Reflections on winning the Fight for $15 in Saskatchewan

    In some ways, winning a $15/hour minimum wage by 2024 is a truly hopeful sign for Saskatchewan politics – and shows that even the most right-wing governments will bow to movement demands. In other ways, it’s deeply inadequate. 

  • A person with long hair walks a picket line among others, wearing a sign that says

    Alberta’s summer of solidarity

    Can Alberta’s labour movement rise to the challenge presented by the new UCP government?