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    Busting the union-busters

    As thousands of workers push to unionize, their bosses are hiring union-busting companies to cling to power. Here’s how you can out-organize your boss.

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    The struggle lies beyond the bargaining table

    Losing an election or settling for a subpar collective agreement can feel like devastating losses in leftists’ larger struggle for power. As we continue to organize for better working and living conditions, the articles in this issue remind us that the struggle isn’t won at the polls or at the bargaining table, but on the picket line, on doorsteps, and in conversations with our communities.

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    Independent media’s bad labour problem

    From union-busting to systemic racism, when bad labour practices have embedded themselves in the very publications trying to write into existence a more just world, what is to be done?

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    Rumour has it

    Anti-gossip policies, like other ostensibly good policies, are wielded by management to keep workers from building solidarity and transforming their workplaces.

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    The HuffPost Canada union is dead. Long live the HuffPost Canada union.

    My newsroom unionized. We were shut down two weeks later. Here’s why it was still worth it.

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    The strike-breakers’ playbook

    For over 30 years, Canadian employers have turned to a private security firm called AFIMAC to help surveil picket lines, provide scab labour, and break strikes.