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    Sex worker feminism

    Anti-sex work feminists endanger the lives of sex workers and prop up the far right. To fight fascism, the left must adopt a sex worker feminist politic.

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    Fighting fascism in feminism

    Five trans feminists on the rise of fascist feminism and how to fight back.

  • A photography of a crowd from above, listening to someone speak through a megaphone. One member of the crowd holds a sign that says

    radiant incipience

    the revolution will need savvy / party planners, capable / of seeing / how the carnival’s already here.

  • Sask Dispatch

    Open letter to Mayor Masters and the Regina Community Wellness Committee

    A meeting to discuss a conversion therapy ban in Regina devolved into anti-trans rhetoric on April 14, with delegates misgendering trans youth and associating gender-affirming treatments with self-harm. Cat Haines, a transgender woman, educator, and academic writes an open letter in response

  • The cover of I Hope We Choose Love over a light blue background. On the book cover, there are two red carnations.

    love as radical action

    What does it mean when “choosing love” isn’t an individual act, but a collective effort of building a world in which all of our material needs are met? estefania alfonso falcon reviews Kai Cheng Thom’s I Hope We Choose Love.

  • A photography of a crowd from above, listening to someone speak through a megaphone. One member of the crowd holds a sign that says

    There’s no such thing as a politically neutral public space

    The #TakeBackTPL struggle to evict transphobia from our public library wasn’t about “free speech” – it was about reclaiming the commons

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    Ts just wanna have fun

    Trans activists in Montreal have been organizing to make the YMCAs of Québec more inclusive of gender-diverse people

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    Taking your transition into your own hands

    When doctors deny trans people the right hormones or surgery, trans people will find creative ways to transition on their own terms. Winner of the 2018 Andrea Walker Prize for writing on women’s and trans people’s health.

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    The dangerous illusion of the humane prison

    The right of trans prisoners in Canada to self-identify their gender is an important win. How can it be used to fuel – and not drain – our efforts towards a future without prisons?

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    Queers to the front

    Queen City Pride has chosen a straight, cis man to lead this year’s pride parade. Here’s why it’s insulting to Regina’s queer and trans communities.

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    Decolonizing the Toilet

    At the University of Cape Town in South Africa, the student-led Fallist movement is seeking institutional transformation that would uproot the deeply embedded ideological traces of apartheid and colonialism.

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    Refocusing the Camera Lens

    Popular narratives about trans children are all too often about cis parents’ assumptions and expectations. It’s time we support trans youth in their own stories of success.

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    Transgendering Work

    Going through a gender transition is hard, especially when your co-workers don’t support you.