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    Between degrowth and acceleration

    “A Planet to Win” does not call for a utopian adoption of yet-to-be-invented technologies to fix things, but contends that we can build using the technology we have now to both address people’s real needs and decarbonize.

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    Oshawa could be the engine of a Green New Deal in Canada

    Workers want to nationalize the General Motors plant and build electric vehicles for Canada Post

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    The climate case for working less

    The argument for a reduced work week asks: why do we work to produce so much more than we can possibly use? Why not work less, waste less, distribute better, and enjoy the age of abundance that we’ve been promised?

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    Degrowth vs. the Green New Deal

    Unlike the Green New Deal, degrowth isn’t a policy platform – it’s more of a movement, or what participants call an “umbrella concept.” What would a conversation between degrowth and the Green New Deal look like?