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    The workers AI hides

    Behind the newest AI technologies are hundreds of Canadians labouring for a fraction of minimum wage.

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    How to start a worker-owned restaurant

    The Allium was a community hub with a vision for a more equitable service industry. Now closed, its success offers lessons for future worker-owned co-ops.

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    Delivering justice

    Three months after Foodora couriers won the right to unionize – a historic win for app-based workers – Foodora announced it was leaving Canada. Five worker leaders talk about the highs and lows of the campaign, and what’s next for Foodsters United.

  • A person in a purple sports bra and long dark hair looks apprehensively over their shoulder at their phone, lit up on a table behind them. Their phone displays a number of unread messages on the SeekingArrangement site.

    “At least hookers get wages”

    If sex were factored out of the equation, sugaring would look a lot like the precarious gig economy jobs of Uber drivers or bike couriers. And – like in other web-based jobs – sugar babies in Montreal are struggling to develop collective strength with their fellow workers.