• Sask Dispatch Briefs

    Sask Wildfire operations funding remains “inadequate”

    Despite minor funding hikes for wildfire operations over the past four years, the budget this year is only three-quarters of what it was in 2007-08. As wildfires become more frequent and serious, what is our government going to do about it?

  • Magazine

    Fund the media you want to see in the world

    The right, in general, understands the effectiveness of media manipulation. But does the left understand the importance of funding media? And do we put money into the media we want to see exist?

  • Magazine

    Science After Harper

    Funding for basic research is declining, leaving scientists unable to work effectively. While researchers are spending more time applying for scarce and competitive grants, scientific labour is placed on hold.

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    The Queer Film Festival Quandary

    Queer film festivals on the Canadian Prairies are being squeezed: facing scarce funding and pressures to grow, many are turning to big corporations for funding. But what happens to anti-oppressive queer politics when the purse strings are held by capitalist interests?