• An abstract red line drawing of two figures. The first figure is crouching, reaching its arms out in front. The second figure is in the same pose, facing the opposite direction, and is partially overlapping the first figure, on the same level.

    The ghostwriter

    A short story about a mysterious ailment

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    Octavia’s Brood: Science Fiction Stories from Social Justice Movements

    A new anthology of politically engaged science fiction calls readers to reshape the world.

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    An honest man

    They knew that he came from overseas and that all he knew was digging holes.

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    Until the heart is revealed

    *Art in its many forms slices through ideology and approaches truth better than any argument, probably because, in the end, art tries to find the heart of the matter rather than the brain of it.

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    A tour of home

    Home n casa1 f; (for old people) residencia f de ancianos; (native land) patria

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    Baseball in December

    The end of contract supper starts out like a normal meal in a normal restaurant, but then Smiley hails the waiter and the five of us closest to him realize it’s on.

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    Announcing Writing in the Margins contest winners!

    This issue of Briarpatch features the winners of our second annual Writing in the Margins creative writing contest.

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    How to be lonely

    It’s not clear why how to be lonely is this way, but it’s certain it wants a tool to dig.

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    Stories mapping place and power

    How to Get Along With Women is a finely written collection exploring the ways our identities, our most intimate relationships, and our experiences can be shaped by the world we inhabit, a world mapped by dynamics of power.

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    Fierce hearts

    Briarpatch books columnist Yutaka Dirks caught up with our creative writing contest judges to talk about the writing life and finding the balance between the personal and the political as an author.