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    Indigenous policy is foreign policy

    Canada’s Indigenous relations aren’t domestic – Canada is an imperialist settler colony. If our movements stand a chance against the fascist far right, we need to reject the liberal reconciliation narrative and understand that Canada is an invasive force.

  • A photo of downtown Ottawa. Against a background of skyscrapers, huge trucks are parked, facing the camera. A multitude of signs lean up against them, with slogans like

    The oil industry’s Frankenstein

    How Canada’s oil industry birthed the Freedom Convoy and a far-right movement

  • A woman in a wheelchair with dark skin and curly black hair is in the foreground, wearing dark clothes and holding a sign that reads

    Terry Fox, the Freedom Convoy, and disability politics

    Terry Fox is the most famous disabled person in Canadian history, a figure who “united the country” during his cross-country marathon. Now, Fox’s iconography is being used to support the Freedom Convoy’s anti-vaccine, anti-mask agenda. What kind of unity does Fox really represent?

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    Alex Vitale on the policing of insurrectionary far-right protests

    For professor Alex Vitale, author of The End of Policing, “when we embrace the use of repressive political policing, we’re mobilizing the tools that will primarily be used against our own movements.”