Sept/Oct 2017 cover

Trouncing Austerity: Do social movements have what it takes?

The labour movement should fight for a shorter workweek. Corbyn’s solidarity with social movements. So long, pastures? Paying attention to gender in harm reduction infrastructure. Saskatchewan’s renewed anti-austerity movement. Did Syriza cave to Canadian capital? When calling out makes sense. Plus a book review!

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    Building Power in the Face of Austerity

    Even with Brad Wall’s resignation, we’re not out of the woods when it comes to trouncing austerity.

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    The Corbyn Comeback

    How the Labour leader’s solidarity with social movements energized the socialist resurgence in British politics.

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    Working for the Weekend

    Workers have been winning decreased work hours since the Industrial Revolution, shortening the workday from 12 hours to 10 to 8. Why stop there?

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    Exposing the Thin Roots of Prairie Protection

    Another long-standing pasture program in Saskatchewan was cut in the spring of 2017.

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    Defying the War on Drugs

    Harm reduction workers are building the infrastructure to respond to the opioid crisis.

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    Saskatchewan’s Renewed Movement Against Austerity

    How are organizers building power to resist Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall’s callous austerity agenda?

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    Traded for Gold

    Caving to international pressure at the height of the Greek debt crisis, Syriza approved a Canadian mining operation in the Skouries forest despite the local fight against it.

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    When Calling Out Makes Sense

    Sometimes the only way we can address harmful behaviours is by publicly naming them.

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    Postcards From the End of America

    What can a book portraying economic ruin in America teach us about Canada’s future?