July/August 2019 cover

This is a prison, no matter what you call it

The fight to halt the construction of a new migrant detention centre in Laval. The women activists who are setting out to transform electoral politics in Canada. How the techlash is getting organized in Toronto. What happens when Islamophobia infects anti-racist organizations. In Mexico, resource extraction is the Achilles’ heel of the new anti-neoliberal government. Is voting really “harm reduction”? Plus a book review, comic, and more.

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    Politics for the present and for the future

    In a recent article, Vijay Prashad argues that the challenge of the left is to be both present- and future-oriented at once. As the federal election looms, that’s what I’ve tried to do in this issue of Briarpatch.

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    Fund the media you want to see in the world

    The right, in general, understands the effectiveness of media manipulation. But does the left understand the importance of funding media? And do we put money into the media we want to see exist?

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    Revolutionary dreamwork

    Today’s left wins when we challenge the right’s cruel and exclusionary imagination with more just, more beautiful world-making projects of our own.

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    From community organizing to electoral politics

    As we stare down a climate crisis and a hard-right political wave, women activists are setting out to transform electoral politics in Canada. But are the parties ready for them?

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    The city vs. Big Tech

    Activists kicked Amazon’s HQ2 out of New York City. They ran Google’s new campus out of Berlin. Now, in Toronto, #BlockSidewalk wants to send Google – and their new “smart city” – packing. The battle against Big Tech is emerging as the new front in the fight for the right to the city.

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    AMLO’s contradiction

    Mexico’s new president promised “the end of neoliberalism.” But as he forces through megaprojects and steamrolls over Indigenous dissent, activists are beginning to understand that anti-neoliberal doesn’t always mean anti-capitalist.

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    Hate, by any other name

    It is easy for us to castigate those who bring assault rifles to mosques. But if we want to eradicate Islamophobia in Canada, we also need to pay attention to its workings in state violence, mainstream media, and anti-racist groups.

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    The rise of the real estate state

    Whose interests guide the state apparatus that sets the parameters of city development? Yutaka Dirks reviews Samuel Stein’s Capital City: Gentrification and the Real Estate State.

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    Is voting really “harm reduction”?

    People who say “voting is harm reduction” wrongly assume that in the lead-up to elections, all we can do is vote for the least-bad candidate or party.