January/February 2016 cover

Oil Violence

Northern Alberta is but one site of dispossession and violence caused by the oil industry’s expansive greed. Is the language of socialism lost? Unpacking the whiteness, coloniality, and class embedded in the popular #liveauthentic aesthetic. Sulphur miners risk their health to make a living. Crowdfunding for activists and organizers. Gender equality matters when climate crises hit. Feminist histories of colonial projects. The narratives of trans children in popular media. A review that zeroes in on class mobilization driving gentrification.

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    Our Stories Are All We Are

    Letter from the Editor

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    Refocusing the Camera Lens

    Popular narratives about trans children are all too often about cis parents’ assumptions and expectations. It’s time we support trans youth in their own stories of success.

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    Good Neighbors: Gentrifying Diversity in Boston’s South End

    What can be learned from the resistance to Boston’s South End’s gentrification project?

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    White Woman’s Burden

    Excerpt from Beyond the Pale: White Women, Racism and History, published by Verso in 1992, 2015.

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    Oil’s Violent Disturbances

    Fort Chip is but one northern Albertan community resisting the toxicity and displacement wrought by the oil industry.

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    #authentic at all costs

    The cultural prevalence of the #liveauthentic trend is lining pockets and rewriting history.

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    Who Speaks Socialism These Days?

    A lament for the loss of the language of socialism spurs a tribute to the other languages of freedom.

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    Crowd Power!

    In an age of austerity, activists are increasingly turning to crowdfunding to launch and sustain their work. In this instalment of the Briarpatch Toolkit: how to harness crowdfunding to agitate and mobilize.

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    Managing Sandy

    How are the devastating effects of climate crises in Cuba managed by female farmers?