Amina Yasin is an urban planner and community advocate who has worked across Canada in community planning, development and policy planning. She is also a Vancouver city planning commissioner, a member of the City of Vancouver Urban Design Panel, a board director of the Hogan’s Alley Society, and a co-chair of the Canadian Institute of Planners’ social equity committee.

  • A digital illustration of an older Black woman crossing the street. She wears a purple dress and is looking off into the distance. Close behind her, two bright yellow car headlights loom. In the background, city skyscrapers and smog crowd the sky.

    Walking with my mother

    In 2017, my mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. The city she once navigated with ease became dangerous and confusing, and I learned that it was worsening her symptoms. As a daughter and an urban planner, I wondered: what would a city built for disabled people’s safety and ease look like?