Laura Stewart grew up on a small cattle farm in southeast Saskatchewan, studied biology and geography, and surveyed native prairie plants for oilfield project reviews, before turning to activism and journalism. She is the 2017 Magazines Canada Grands Prix Fellow.

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    Burn now, bury later

    As we teeter on the brink of climate disaster, we’re drilling deeper wells in a desperate attempt to put the carbon dioxide that’s warming our planet back under the ground.

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    Saskatchewan’s Earthbound Climate Action

    In oil-producing southeast Saskatchewan, people’s doubts about climate change reflect the real economic pressures they face.

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    Science After Harper

    Funding for basic research is declining, leaving scientists unable to work effectively. While researchers are spending more time applying for scarce and competitive grants, scientific labour is placed on hold.

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    Exposing the Thin Roots of Prairie Protection

    Another long-standing pasture program in Saskatchewan was cut in the spring of 2017.

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    A voice for the grasslands

    Grasslands ecosystems are under threat globally. With less than 20 per cent of Saskatchewan’s prairie lands remaining, the provincial and federal governments are attempting to privatize the public pastures established in the 1930s by the Prairie Farm Rehabilitation Administration (PFRA). Ex-oil-industry contractor and inveterate grasslands lover Laura Stewart is our personal guide through a vibrant ecosystem, revealing the global, and colonial, stakes of grasslands health – and the growing movement rising to its defence.