Rhea Rollmann is a writer, editor, and broadcaster based in St. John’s, NL. She’s a founding editor with TheIndependent.ca, a contributing editor with PopMatters, and program director at CHMR-FM, a community radio station. She has a background in labour organizing and queer and trans activism.

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    The growing struggle to access gender-affirming health care in rural Canada

    Demand for gender-affirming health care is surging across the country. Already facing the brunt of a primary health care crisis, small provinces and territories struggle to meet the need.

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    The implicit militancy of gardening

    After two months on strike, CUPE 3903 members were feeling worn out. That changed when, one night – armed with a Rototiller, under cover of darkness – they decided to plant a community garden on the picket line.

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    Oil & water

    In Newfoundland and Labrador, workers look to transition out of oil and gas, into renewable energy. But as these industries charge forward, Inuit activists are also struggling to protect their land and water.

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    Should unions say no to closed-door negotiations?

    Unions in Canada and the U.S. are throwing open the doors to collective bargaining meetings, hoping to win stronger contracts and more engaged members. Will it work?

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    Women take on the trades

    Newfoundland is trying to encourage women to enter the professional trades. It can be a daunting challenge for a field in which women account for only 6.4 per cent of the workforce.

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    The end of the strike?

    Less than two months into their majority mandate, the federal Conservatives passed legislation that left the labour movement reeling. The Harper government’s use of back-to-work legislation to force an end to labour disputes at Air Canada and Canada Post was just the latest blow, however, to the labour movement’s most time-honoured tactic: the strike.