Dawn Marie Paley is a journalist and author of Drug War Capitalism and Guerra neoliberal: desaparición y búsqueda en el norte de México. She’s on Twitter @dawn_.

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    “Safe supply is the future”

    From drug users in Vancouver to opium poppy growers in Mexico, activists across borders say safe and legal drugs will save lives.

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    Pretty Faces, Grisly Interests

    In Latin America, Canada’s reach goes beyond mining, and includes political support for right-wing regimes and chilled relationships with progressive governments. Is Trudeau changing or maintaining this foreign policy?

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    The spoils of an undeclared war

    The presence of drug traffickers in Laguna del Tigre hasn’t affected oil production. In fact, there’s a renewed interest from oil companies in Guatemala’s oil.

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    Fracturing solidarity

    When representatives from environmental organizations took the stage last May together with logging industry groups to promote what they billed as a new deal to protect Canada’s boreal forest, the announcement came as a surprise to Indigenous peoples across the country.

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    Unfinished business

    For the last 10 years, Juana López Nuñez (not her real name) has spent most of her waking hours making T-shirts for the Canadian company Gildan Activewear at the company’s San Miguel factory in Honduras. Today, at age 44, she has little use of her arms and experiences constant pain in her shoulders, neck and hands. She takes painkillers throughout the day, and has had one surgery, which didn’t ease the chronic tendonitis that keeps her up at night.

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    Boosters’ millions

    The latest estimate of the cost of the Olympics to be borne by the public is $6.1 billion. This figure includes the expansion of the Sea-to-Sky Highway, the construction of the Richmond-Airport-Vancouver rail link, the expansion of the Vancouver Convention Centre, the construction of an athletes’ village and various venues, and a ballooning security budget. The two-week sporting event is set to be the most expensive entertainment spectacle in B.C.‘s history.