Dave Oswald Mitchell


Dave Oswald Mitchell is a freelance writer, editor, and researcher. He co-edited the book Beautiful Trouble: A Toolbox for Revolution (OR Books, 2012) and edited Briarpatch Magazine from 2005 to 2010.

  • Mexico’s Education Standoff

    When Mexican teachers went on strike to protest President Enrique Peña Nieto’s neoliberal education reforms, the state, backed by major financial institutions, cracked down in a bloody attempt at democratic suppression. What does the teachers’ fight signal for the future of public education?

  • Drug War Capitalism

    Book review

    Anyone seeking to understand capitalism’s evolving capacity to consolidate and extend its power must come to terms with the drug war.

  • The Beast: Riding the Rails and Dodging Narcos on the Migrant Trail

    Book review

    A shining model of what journalism as a practice of solidarity can look like.

  • Letter from the editor

    Settler treaty card redux

    It’s been an enormous pleasure to return to Briarpatch to guest edit this issue.
  • Killers in high places

    Drugs, gangs, and Harper’s war on the poor

    If the drug war is a tool of social and territorial control and capital accumulation, it’s not enough to simply accuse Harper’s Conservatives of pursuing a misguided strategy.

  • No priests, no temples

    An interview with Michael Stone

    Many activists practice yoga, but few would describe their yoga practice as a form of activism or treat their activism as an expression of their yoga practice. Michael Stone is working to change that.

  • Letter from the editor

    At the borders of human rights

    I’ve undergone 19 years of schooling, but I’d say my real education came the summer after I finished my graduate degree. I spent that growing season, and the next, as part of a frontline literacy program in Ontario, working and living on farms alongside migrant workers from Mexico and the Caribbean, picking tomatoes and sweet corn, priming tobacco, harvesting ginseng.

  • Letter from the editor

    Nationalism as pathology

    George Orwell wrote that in a time of universal deceit, telling the truth can be a revolutionary act. Similarly, in an age of lies-passed-off-as-truth (the propaganda model), truth-passed-off-as-lies (satire) has a power all its own.

  • Letter from the editor

    The next wave will come from the South

    This issue of Briarpatch is about opening our activism to new voices and new perspectives. As Naomi Wolf recently observed, “our (Western) moment of feminist leadership is over now, for good reasons… . [T]he leadership role is shifting to women in the developing world.”

  • Letter from the editor

    Collective power and the responsibility to protest

    As this issue goes to press, three thousand rallies are taking place in communities around the world calling for action in Copenhagen on climate change. In February, anti-poverty and indigenous rights activists will take to the streets of Vancouver to protest the Olympics.