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Xicotencatl Maher Lopez is a Two-Spirit Tlaxcaltec Nahua and Newfie, based out of Treaty 3 territory. He is an advocate for Indigenous sovereignty, and when he is not writing about Indigenous issues he is an artist and Che Guevara enthusiast.

  • Online-only

    When we fight for one treaty, we fight for them all

    1492 Land Back Lane is about more than just one housing development. Six Nations has a treaty they must protect, and the precedent set by every broken treaty affects us all.

  • Magazine

    Whose land is it, anyways?

    An interview with Ginnifer Menominee on treaty holders, ceremonial jurisdiction, and Land Back in Guelph.

  • Magazine

    Four case studies of Land Back in action

    From land trusts to mushroom permitting, here are some examples of what Land Back looks like on the ground