A writer in Toronto, Daniel Sarah Karasik (they/them) organizes with Artists For Climate & Migrant Justice and Indigenous Sovereignty, among other groups. 

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    Suppress the virus now!

    The Ontario government’s idea that we need to “learn to live with” COVID-19 is murderous abandonment of vulnerable people. Instead, the left should mobilize around a clear demand: our governments must adopt aggressive suppression of COVID-19.

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    “if word of such devices spreads, / and more than word, / it may not be just capital that overcomes / the hardened borders of the future capital’s / intent that most of us won’t see.” Poetry runner-up of the Writing in the Margins contest.

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    There’s no such thing as a politically neutral public space

    The #TakeBackTPL struggle to evict transphobia from our public library wasn’t about “free speech” – it was about reclaiming the commons

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    Fighting antisemitism today

    Why did IfNotNow Toronto have to defend their antisemitism training against other Jews? The answer lies in the left and the right’s competing definitions of antisemitism.

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    Revolutionary dreamwork

    Today’s left wins when we challenge the right’s cruel and exclusionary imagination with more just, more beautiful world-making projects of our own.

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    The dangerous illusion of the humane prison

    The right of trans prisoners in Canada to self-identify their gender is an important win. How can it be used to fuel – and not drain – our efforts towards a future without prisons?