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Lori Hanson has worked alongside of social movements in Latin America – particularly anti-mining and rural women’s movements in Nicaragua – for 35 years. She is a professor in the Department of Community Health and Epidemiology at the University of Saskatchewan.

  • Blog

    The students of Nicaragua’s April uprising

    Autoconvocados – self-organized student protesters – are mobilizing against the repressive Ortega government. But their movement threatens to fall into the hands of nationalists and pro-capitalists.

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    Who will publish eulogies for the victims of Barrick Gold?

    On Peter Munk’s dark legacy

  • Magazine

    Miners, activists, and struggle in Halkidiki

    Messages from a community in northern Greece fighting a Canadian mining giant.

  • Magazine

    Of Miners and Land Defenders

    When the Canadian mining corporation B2Gold set up shop in a small Nicaraguan town with the government’s blessing, a local group of land defenders began to organize.

  • Magazine

    Daniel Ortega and the Interoceanic Grand Canal

    A planned megaproject that would dwarf the Panama Canal and split Nicaragua in two reveals much about both the Ortega regime and global capitalism today.

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    Harper and Modi, the Nuclear Prime Ministers

    Canada’s nuclear deal with India is a disgrace.