Aruna Handa is a philosopher who writes about food. She also lectures about food both formally, in university halls, and informally, in talks and in cookery demonstration classes. In addition to writing and teaching about the philosophy of food, she is collaborating with food producers on developing quality standards protocols. Check out her blogs Food Theory Applied and Cooking For Noah.

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    Eat, play, live

    The origins of Food Not Bombs are somewhat mysterious: some report that a bake sale to benefit the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament led activists to call for spending on food, rather than bombs; other stories mention a mock soup line being used as street theatre when demonstrators asked the First National Bank of Boston to stop investing in a nuclear power station.

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    Chow now

    Reading these three books was a humbling experience: Michael Pollan’s for his ability to bundle big ideas into digestible bites that would be easily remembered at the grocery store; Paul Roberts’ for his exacting detail about how nearly everything about the food system has gone so terribly wrong; and Wayne Roberts’ for the exciting thinking behind his policy suggestions on how to reorganize the food system.