David Camfield is a supporter of socialism from below. His book Future on Fire: Capitalism and the Politics of Climate Change will be published in 2022. He hosts the podcast Victor’s Children and is a member of the editorial board of Midnight Sun. His website is prairiered.ca

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    Against a culture of paid activism

    As the logic of capitalism infiltrates our social movements, we must choose between being paid for our activism and building a strong culture of social struggle.

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    The history and politics of the Communist Party of Canada: an overview

    The CPC’s image may be radical, but its politics are tired Stalinist reformism 

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    Why the left must defend free speech

    Free speech isn’t a cause the left can afford to leave to liberals or the right. And when “no platform” is called for, we shouldn’t appeal to authorities to do it.  

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    Is voting really “harm reduction”?

    People who say “voting is harm reduction” wrongly assume that in the lead-up to elections, all we can do is vote for the least-bad candidate or party.

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    Are any of Rosa Luxemburg’s ideas relevant for us today?

    One hundred years after the murder of the Polish-German revolutionary socialist, are any of her ideas still useful for leftists?

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    The far right, the hard right, and our fight against them

    What’s the difference between the hard right and the far right, and how do we limit their growth in Canada?

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    We don’t need to be friends to be comrades

    To ask activist groups to take on responsibility for members’ emotional well-being is to saddle them with an impossible burden – something that makes activist burnout more likely.

  • Rally to protest the acquittal of Gerald Stanley in Regina, SK.

    Where is the left on the Canadian Prairies?

    Years with so little social struggle on the Prairies have left us without much of what Alan Sears calls the “infrastructure of dissent.”

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    Do Activists Really Need Theory?

    Theory can help activists stay involved in social change work.

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    The End of Protest

    Micah White’s conclusion – that the future of efforts to change society will be a combination of electoral politics and cultural “meme warfare” – misses the mark.