Briarpatch logos through the ages. Looks like we can keep lengthening the list!

Onward and Upward!

Two weeks ago, we shared with you that we were in financial crisis: we couldn’t afford to print more than one issue in advance. We had to make a tough decision: to grow or to fold.

We decided we wouldn’t give up on Briarpatch, and you backed us up.

Today, we have a triumphant update to share.

As of this morning, we’ve received donations totalling $18,340. That’s more than our basic fundraising need of $15,000, and then some – raised in two weeks!

Thanks to your swift support, testimonials, nudges to friends, and calls to action, we’ve heard a resounding “Yes!” to Briarpatch’s future.

Not only have our readers and supporters donated, but we’ve also welcomed many new and renewed subscriptions, including gift subscriptions inviting new readers into the Briarpatch fold.

Crucially, many of you have signed on or increased your donations as monthly sustainers, providing us with almost $500 more every month to put towards our steady growth and long-term initiatives like fairer contributor pay. This growth means we will raise our contributor rates by 50 per cent in time for the annual Labour issue in November/December 2016 (a fitting place to start!).

You’ve proven to us that $25,000 is now within reach. Let’s not stop here.

Your continued support will help us build a fairer and more sustainable model for Briarpatch.

With your donations and commitments to monthly sustaining, we will raise rates by 50 per cent by November 2016! With $25,000, we will have the capacity to implement incremental increases with the goal of doubling contributor rates by the November/December 2017 issue.

As we’ve said in the past two weeks, writers and artists are the lifeblood of Briarpatch. But we need your sustained, predictable, and steady support to give them a well-deserved and long-overdue raise.

If you can help us raise $25,000 by July 30, we will give you the most ambitious, fair, audacious Briarpatch possible.

You’ve set a clear expectation for us: you want us not only to survive, but to thrive. The important work of seeking out and telling stories from the front lines of social struggles will shine brighter with fairer contributor pay and robust strategy to reach more readers hungry for brave journalism. Thank you for your confidence in us and for your commitment to grassroots media.

In solidarity and gratitude,

Tanya Andrusieczko and Rhiannon Ward
Editor and Publisher

P.S. If a donation or subscription isn’t feasible all at once, a monthly contribution gets you an automatic subscription and gives us a stable foundation well into the future: start today.

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