Tags – Labour

  • Constructed categories

    Avoiding the race to the bottom

    If labour is imagined outside of wage work and governmental categories, it gives us the tools to further a more collective struggle against the living legacies of dispossession, colonization, and exploitation.

  • ‘Right-to-Work’ legislation provides no rights and no work

    Labour law reform: consultation or imposition?

    Will the comprehensive changes to labour legislation that unfold in Saskatchewan be a model for right-wing parties across Canada?

  • Revitalizing the Canadian labour movement

    Book review

    Rethinking the politics of labour in Canada offers a sombre yet honest analysis of the current situation of labour politics

  • Unions need to get to school, and soon

    Students are not being taught the relevance of unions in their classes

    Unions need to know more to educate young workers the basic facts about unions: that they lead to higher wages, better working conditions, and more job security.

  • Why strike support isn’t enough

    Lessons in solidarity organizing on the one-year anniversary of the postal strike

    In the current climate of government attacks on the public service and on collective bargaining across Canada, the need for community organizers to build relationships between workers is now, more than ever, an essential part of mounting an effective challenge to austerity.

  • United against austerity

    A round table discussion on taking back Toronto

    At the same time, the austerity assault continues in Toronto and across Canada with slashes to social services ranging from libraries to daycares, emergency services, and public transit.

  • Walking papers

    Honourable mention, creative writing contest (fiction)

    Kelly is tragically reliable. When she is laid off from her government job, she finds another, more lucrative, way to pay the bills.

  • Living the HyLife

    How meat packers are fuelling migration to Manitoba towns

    Over the past 40 years, increasing numbers of Prairie towns and villages are “dying” as people leave in droves to find work in the city. But aggressive recruitment campaigns by the hog industry are now re-populating and transforming the demographics of some of Manitoba’s smaller urban centres. What do these changes mean for these once-stereotypical Prairie towns and the growing populations of economic migrants who now call them home?

  • On to Ottawa in marvelous, meandering prose

    Book review

    In June 1935, hundreds of unemployed men took to the rails in what was dubbed the On to Ottawa Trek. The Time We All Went Marching is the story of one woman on the cusp of change.

  • Same fight, new foes

    Fifty years after the birth of medicare, Canada’s health care system is again under threat

    In the summer of 1962, Saskatchewan was beset by a doctors’ strike intent on preserving physician privileges and opposing public health care. Fifty years later, Canada’s medicare system is again under threat.