Rhiannon Ward has a Bachelor of Arts in geography and political science at the University of Regina. Her time in the student press generated an enduring devotion to social justice, print media, and caffeine.


Andrew Loewen is a long-time social activist and one-time English instructor and academic. He has a Master’s degree and some questionable poetry stored alongside his old treeplanting gear.

Assistant Editor

Megan Kinch grew up in the rustbelt in and around Toronto. She does community media work and attempts to survive in the city as a working-class mother and nerdy weirdo.

Associate Editor

Olivia Wilkins is a research scientist and editor who lives and works in New York City.

Copy editor

Rachel Penner loves making order out of chaos, especially if it involves punctuation, grammar, and a dictionary. To provide balance to this brain work, she takes flamenco classes and dances in her living room.


John Cameron is a journalist, blogger, poet, musician, and aspiring grad student. His hobbies include perfecting his Slavoj Žižek impression and watching professional wrestling.

Victoria Dinh is a journalism student. With her love for words and her English degree, she has forever solidified her spot as her parents’ least favorite child.


Kim Kovacs is a Canadian-Oxford-Dictionary-toting, red-pen-wielding, grammar-policing bibliophile who moonlights as a nitpicker (i.e. proofreader) on the Volunteer Brigade at Briarpatch. She is based in Regina, Treaty 4 Territory.

Web Developer

For over 10 years Derek Hogue has been designing and developing websites for radical publishers; artists and musicians; and non-profit advocacy organizations across Canada and beyond. He does this from his politically-beleagured yet economically-affordable hometown of Winnipeg.

Board of Directors

Briarpatch is overseen by a dedicated and delightful volunteer Board of Directors. Each member is indispensable in guiding the magazine through patches of rough sea and ensuring that the ship is sailing in the right direction.

  • Naomi Beingessner
  • Eric Bell
  • Patricia Bell
  • Lara Bonokoski
  • Sean Dunham
  • Judy Kobsar
  • Michael Kurtz
  • Steffany Salloum
  • Andrew Stevens