Back Issues

  • January/February 2016

    Northern Alberta is but one site of dispossession and violence caused by the oil industry’s expansive greed. Is the language of socialism lost? Unpacking the whiteness, coloniality, and class embedded in the popular #liveauthentic aesthetic. Sulphur miners risk their health to make a living. Crowdfunding for activists and organizers. Gender equality matters when climate crises hit. Feminist histories of colonial projects. The narratives of trans children in popular media. A review that zeroes in on class mobilization driving gentrification.

  • November/December 2015

    In this annual labour issue, a cover story about the fight for $15/hour minimum wage and lessons Canadian activists can learn from the U.S., democratizing the mode of economic production to address the climate crisis, a call for solidarity between unions and social movements, an interview with Writing in the Margins judges Leanne Betasamosake Simpson and Stephen Collis, assessing the effects of a universal basic income, an interview with’s editors, and uncovering the effects of colonialism on traditional economies in the Northwest Territories. Plus, a book review of Academic, Inc. and a discussion about queer dysphoria in the workplace.

  • September/October 2015

    A feature investigation into PotashCorp’s role in occupied Western Sahara, four tips for activists on meeting people where they’re at, higher education’s silent killer, Canada’s new regime of two-tiered citizenship, Muslim youth and the federal election, rural organizing in economically depressed regions, toxic contamination of Manitoba First Nations communities, the dialectics of political fear, and a father’s reflections on the “how” rather than the “what” of childhood aspirations.

  • July/August 2015

    With features on post-wave feminism, Daniel Ortega and Nicaragua’s interoceanic grand canal, the struggle for abortion access today, the Klabona Keepers’ direct action to protect their Sacred Headwaters from mining firms, protecting the bees from neonicotinoid insecticides in Ontario and beyond, a dispatch on Quebec’s Printemps 2015 movement for economic and environmental justice, why a new on-reserve high school matters for Wet’suwet’en youth, and the need for leftists to create a new common sense. Plus book reviews and more!

  • May/June 2015

    Artistic interventions in John A. Macdonald’s bicentennial celebrations. An activist roundtable on the federal election. The role of patriarchy in permaculture. The meaning of elections for Six Nations, the largest reserve in Canada. The new wave of food co-ops. Heritage hipsters and gentrification. An interview with members of Feeding My Family about food security in Nunavut. Regulatory headaches for small farmers. These features and more!

  • March/April 2015

    Feature stories on barriers to strategic political organizing, journalism internships, changes and challenges to Canada’s Indian Act, the deadly intersection of immigration and health care policy, bridging Palestine solidarity with Indigenous struggles at home, life and labour in the Alberta housing boom, and the winning entries of our fourth annual Writing in the Margins creative writing contest. Plus, book reviews and a commentary on call-out culture.